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“Melisa is an incredible coach and mentor. She has shared life advice and wisdom with me through a difficult life transition. I worked with her on topics ranging from relationships to career, health and well-being. I deeply value her perspective, which is grounded in both scientific research and feminine wisdom of her own heart and rich life experiences. I am grateful for her mental, physical and spiritual guidance and highly recommend her to anyone looking to achieve greater happiness and lead a more vibrant life!”

“Melisa is a great listener, you can feel she receives your words and feelings with an open heart and a lot of empathy. I worked with her at a very critical moment for me. Her support and professionalism has impacted my life in a very positive way. I'm beyond grateful.”

"“Melisa has been a dynamo at helping me achieve my dreams, goals, and optimal health. She does this through her creativity, practical guidance, and passion for health and plant based nutrition. She helped me to realize my full potential communicating in a direct and tactful way all her experience and knowledge in positive self change. Get ready to become your best self!”

Let's talk about you!

I would love to hear from you!

Book a FREE 30-minute private discovery session with me to ask any questions you have and talk  about how you could benefit from health coaching. 

You will leave the session with clear, easy steps you can start taking TODAY to get started on your wellness journey.

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