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Melisa Oliva is an Integrative Health Coach certified by the National Board of Health and Wellness Coaches. She owns a Plant Based Nutrition Certificate by The T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutritional Studies and eCornell.  She is a certified Lifestyle Medicine Coach by the American College of Lifestyle Medicine


She did a Food for Life Program with Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM). She studied Culinary Arts at The Panamerican Academy of Culinary Arts (APAC).


Melisa co-owns Ananda Gardens: Vermont Wellness Farm, where she manages the Wellness Culture, Marketing and Community Outreach. For over 12 years she  has been developing experience as an educator in areas related to wellness and human development. As a Yoga Teacher, and as an Expressive Arts Coach and Educator, She has facilitated groups and coached individuals to develop a greater sense of relaxation and vitality, teaching strategies like breathing techniques, creativity and imagination, among other expressive arts modalities.  


Away from work you can find her cooking vegan meals with her two daughters, exercising with her husband and finding time for herself to develop a greater appreciation of the beauty that surrounds her.


My Story

I became a health, nutrition and wellness coach to have a positive impact in people’s lives, sharing evidence-based tools and strategies like plant based nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. I know from my personal experience that having the right information at the right time can change one's life and help us develop the best version of ourselves. 


My mission is to help you to develop clarity on your health goals. Some people come to coaching to lose weight, others to sleep better so they can increase their sense of energy and vitality, to improve their relationship with food and to have a healthful diet. Some others have health conditions that they need to manage like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiac diseases, etc. or just know that these conditions are running in their genes so they want to prevent them from developing. Whatever may be your health and wellness concern, my role is to help you to navigate your particular lifestyle and address which strategies  can help you better to accomplish your goals so you can regain control of your self-confidence, become more vital, independent and ultimately enjoy a fulfilled life that you can enjoy more.


For me happiness is an asset and health is a foundational component to be able to accomplish it and be aware of its gifts. I believe we deserve quality of life and working towards that can be fun, engaging and rewording.

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Melisa Oliva

Proudest Accomplishment

Raising two wonderful little girls, within a pandemic world, while developing a thriving organic family farm. Being able to partner with my husband in our business and in our happy marriage. Balancing all of these with the pursuit of my passion for health and wellness coaching, and plant based nutrition

Last Book read

“Breathe: the new since of a lost art” by James Nestor

Style Words

Positive, Direct, Caring, Thoughtful, Insightful, intuitive.

Most grateful for

My family, and that we can enjoy a fun and healthy lifestyle together that is rewarding, and meaningful.

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